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Welcome to your toolbox for Disaster Risk. Here you can find and share existing approaches for understanding, analysing and managing multi-hazard and multi-hazard risks. This catalogue has been developed as part of the MYRIAD-EU project, which aims to change the way risks are currently assessed and managed through the development and promotion of tools and solutions as well as knowledge sharing.

The purpose of this wiki is to serve as an information resource and starting point to encourage engagement between different actors involved in disaster risk assessment and management, to promote interdisciplinary research and for research activities within MYRIAD-EU and other future projects. The platform aims to support the wider hazard and risk management community to increase their understanding of what is currently possible, and how this knowledge can be applied to different disaster risk (including multi-hazard, multi-risk) challenges.

The wiki is hosted by the British Geological Survey, and we welcome contributions from across the disaster risk community.

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This site is hosted by the British Geological Survey but responsibility for the content of the site lies with the MYRIAD-EU project, not with the British Geological Survey. Questions, suggestions, or comments regarding the contents of this site should be directed to