Multi-hazard Risk Assessment

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Here you will find summaries of, and links to, frameworks, platforms, methods, models and tools for multi-hazard risk assessment. This section speaks to understanding disaster risk reduction, the first of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction priorities for action.

Included are examples of qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative approaches for hazard, vulnerability, exposure, impact and risk assessment. We include approaches that have been developed for and/or used in a multi-hazard, multi-risk assessment or where the contributor to the Disaster Risk Gateway wiki feels that the approach could be adapted for use in multi-hazard, multi-risk assessment. Some of these approaches are also applicable for Multi-hazard Risk Management.

  • CAPRA Probabilistic risk assessment platform: Provides a series of tools for hazard (single and multiple unrelated), exposure and vulnerability assessment that can be standalone, or can be integrated in a probabilistic risk assessment software
  • Multi-hazards Scenario Generator: A framework for using graph theory and networks to generate and model the complex impacts of multi-hazard scenarios for risk management
  • RiskScape (v1.1.0): A geospatial data processing framework that lets users assess multi-hazard risk to buildings, infrastructure and people


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